Monday, January 4, 2010

Gluten Free Dinner Rolls

Hold the phone!  I was in the middle of finishing my Crab Cakes recipe post, but I made some Gluten Free Dinner Rolls that have put everything on hold...

The rolls are not an amazing unique recipe of my own creation.  They are not glamorous because they involve a mix... but they are so incredibly luscious, moist, perfect bread texture eat-them-until-your-tummy-hurts good that I have to post them.

The key to these rolls is Pamela's Products Wheat-Free & Gluten-Free Bread Mix.

This mix has me stunned.  It was recommended to me by a coworker who's sister is GI and says she can't live without it.  Now I understand why.  I bought the 6 pack myself, and I am very glad I did.  I will be using every bit- it makes pizza crust, pie crust, rolls, bagels, and various kinds of bread.

I served the rolls at dinner for my husband and two friends who are not GI- they all ate at least two, then asked for extras to take home!  I wanted some for breakfast but let them escape with 3 extras.  I can't wait to try this mix for other recipes and create my own with it.

My GI friend Ann had one later and she was jumping with joy- this stuff is better than anything sold at the local gluten free bakeries!  Here's a photo of the rolls:

Make them as soon as you can, you will love them.

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  1. They sure look tasty! I can almost smell the warm goodness from your pic.