Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Boca Gringa

What does Boca Gringa mean?


1. Mouth. (f)
2. Taste, flavor, relish; one who eats. (f)

gringa [grngg]
from gringo
adjective (in this case) usually a noun
1. Denotes foreign, non-native speakers of Spanish.
2. Typically used in Mexico to denote Americans.

Also interesting:
Gringa is a kind of taco with meat and cheese in some parts of Mexico.

What does Boca Gringa mean to me?
I am a non-native speaker of Spanish. I lived in Spain and in two different places in Mexico. Once in college, a Mexican friend of mine wrote a poem in Spanish class- titled "de la boca gringa" or from the American mouth. It was about hearing her first language through the mouths of gringos and the feelings that caused in her. It was a little difficult for her to share it with me, but I feel lucky that she did.

Lately, it's become pretty important what I put in my boca gringa- due to the recent discovery of my gluten intolerance.

Some of my most pain-free and healthiest times were spent living in Southern Spain, Chiapas, and Baja California Sur. Perhaps that is because there I wasn't eating SAD (a.k.a. the Standard American Diet). Gluten is not commonly found in most foods in Spain or Mexico.

Since I have not yet found a way to live in either of those places full-time yet, I am working on eating a diet similar to what I had there- wheat free!

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